Modeling, Promotional

Jorge: Cuban by birth, American by choice

One of the first modeling/promotional sessions I ever shot was with my former classmate Jorge Gonzalez during our time at Georgia State University. At the time, he was in an R&B/rap group called Black Rose. Jorge has since gone solo and continues to perform at venues around Atlanta, proving that music has always been his first love.

2013_09_28_010-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_012-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_022-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_054-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_059-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_068-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_092-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_097-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_102-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_105-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_111-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_122-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_144-2 (resized) 2013_09_28_168-2 (resized) 2013_10_09_223-2 (resized) 2013_10_09_227-2 (resized) 2013_10_09_235-2 (resized) 2013_10_09_242-2 (resized) 2013_10_09_249-2 (resized) 2013_10_09_264-3 (resized) 2013_10_09_274-3 (resized) 2013_10_09_281-2 (resized)

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