The Bert Show’s Christmas Miracle

Recently, VNC Photography was asked to capture a special collaboration between AAA of Georgia and Bert's Big Adventure (a non-profit organization dedicated to providing memorable & heartwarming experiences to seriously ill and/or physically challenged children and their families who live in The Bert Show listening area). Capturing these amazingly strong families - that have suffered… Continue reading The Bert Show’s Christmas Miracle

Photo Tip Tuesday

Photo Tip Tuesday – Basketball Photography

With winter quickly approaching, football season is all but over and basketball season is on the horizon. Whether you plan on capturing games at your local school or dream of photographing an NBA game, below are tips to make your images a slam dunk! Get access The first thing you’ve got to do to photograph… Continue reading Photo Tip Tuesday – Basketball Photography

Photo Tip Tuesday

Photo Tip Tuesday – Engagement Photography

With yesterday's official announcement of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's engagement, we decided to focus today's Photo Tip Tuesday on engagement photography! For photographers, engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your clients before their wedding. For the in love, newly engaged couple, the session not only helps you learn more about… Continue reading Photo Tip Tuesday – Engagement Photography

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Photo Tip Tuesday – Thanksgiving Photography

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States, the day that starts the holiday season and brings family & friends together. Check out this week's Photo Tip Tuesday for tips to help create memorable, emotion-invoking images that will be enjoyed by your family for years (and generations) to come. Plan ahead Every photography project s… Continue reading Photo Tip Tuesday – Thanksgiving Photography

Photo Tip Tuesday

Photo Tip Tuesday – Pet Photography

Pets are an important part of our lives & families, quickly filling a place in our hearts and our picture frames! However, taking pictures of your best friend is not always easy. Pets, unlike humans, do not understand what we are trying to do and won’t just pose for the camera (most of the time)!… Continue reading Photo Tip Tuesday – Pet Photography

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Europe – Cities of Love

Whenever we travel to a new location, we try to treat it as a photographic pilgrimage. Sometimes, you have to leave your neighborhood for a bit of inspiration. As we prepared to leave for Europe, we decided that we would keep our eyes peeled for "people in love" (especially in Paris) since romance is commonly… Continue reading Europe – Cities of Love

Photo Tip Tuesday

Photo Tip Tuesday – Meteor Shower Photography

We are currently experiencing several active meteor showers - including the Orionids, the Southern Taurids, the Northern Taurids and the Leonids, with several more scheduled to begin in December. If you've ever wanted to drive out to the country and capture these celestial shows, here are several tips to make sure you get the most… Continue reading Photo Tip Tuesday – Meteor Shower Photography