Caitie & Simon: A Love That Spans The Atlantic

We have seen Simon & Caitie’s relationship grow from the beginning; we were actually there for one of their first dates! From being my fellow colleagues at CNN to a flirtatious knee graze over dinner at The Vortex to a proposal, this relationship has spanned the Atlantic… literally! Caitie is from America while Simon is from England, but their love for one another has not been lost in translation.

2013_11_30_053-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_061-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_073-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_074-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_075-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_094-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_098-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_109-3 (resized) 2013_11_30_112-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_118-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_125-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_128-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_132-3 (resized) 2013_11_30_137-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_138-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_140-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_150-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_161-3 (resized) 2013_11_30_167-3 (resized) 2013_11_30_169-3 (resized) 2013_11_30_185-2 (resized) 2013_11_30_190-3 (resized)

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