Kelli & Jerry: California Cool Meets Southern Hospitality

Every time we hang out with Kelli & Jerry we have so much to talk about, it’s after midnight before we look at our watches! For their adorable engagement session, we met this sun-kissed California couple in Historic downtown Norcross. Between the inside jokes (Jelly!), fun story of how they met (yay for failed first dates) and the lobster grilled cheese sandwich, this photo session couldn’t have gone better!

2013_09_15_231-3 (resized) 2013_09_15_237-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_243-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_245-4 (resized) 2013_09_15_260-3 (resized) 2013_09_15_267-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_282-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_296-4 (resized) 2013_09_15_302-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_307-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_324-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_329-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_337-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_340-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_371-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_377-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_379-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_396-4 (resized) 2013_09_15_410-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_429-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_435-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_469-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_470-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_482-2 (resized) 2013_09_15_485-2 (resized)

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