A (future) star is born!

Being that I work in the arts & media, I enjoy seeing up-and-coming actors tread the boards and make their way to the silver screen. Dwayne Ross is an Atlanta area actor that is destined for lots of future roles. We took a couple hours one afternoon to expand his portfolio and display his range as a model/thespian. Keep an eye out for him on your television screen soon!

2013_05_20_003 2013_05_20_013 2013_05_20_071 2013_05_20_097-2 2013_05_20_104-2 2013_05_20_106-2 2013_05_20_107-2 2013_05_20_131-2 2013_05_20_148-2 2013_05_20_151 2013_05_20_167 2013_05_20_181 2013_05_20_211 2013_05_20_251-2 2013_05_20_335 2013_05_20_348 2013_05_20_372 2013_05_20_406-2

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