Niki & Ron: A “Fun-Sized” Dose of Love

Niki and I go back a decade, beginning during our days as students at Georgia State University. Over the years, I watched her go from an incoming freshman with a large dossier of classes to a pre-med student with a desire to work with children. Although we have countless stories originating in the ‘Panther Lounge’, I will always play the ‘big sister’ role and make sure Ron takes great care of her!

2013_05_25_009-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_017-3 (resized) 2013_05_25_023-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_032-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_038-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_043-3 (resized) 2013_05_25_080-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_092-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_098-3 (resized) 2013_05_25_113-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_137-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_162-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_207-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_212-3 (resized) 2013_05_25_225-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_245-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_263-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_289-3 (resized) 2013_05_25_318-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_325-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_349-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_366-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_370-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_392-3 (resized) 2013_05_25_402-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_414-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_418-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_424-2 (resized) 2013_05_25_434-3 (resized)

2013_05_25_439-2 (resized)

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