Families, Modeling

The Issac Family’s Unbreakable Family Bond

Although a lot of our images are weddings and engagements, those unions typically lead to having a family, and Shana has a fun one. One thing I was reminded of during the photo session: little boys LOVE Spiderman! After spending hours running around Piedmont Park, we were a bit winded, but the photos showed their strong family bond.

2013_05_11_005-2 2013_05_11_040-2 2013_05_11_106-2 2013_05_11_119-2 2013_05_11_161-2 2013_05_11_167-2 2013_05_11_172-2 2013_05_11_185-2 2013_05_11_226-2 2013_05_11_237-2 2013_05_11_251-2 2013_05_11_280-2 2013_05_11_311-2 2013_05_11_405-2 2013_05_11_435-2 2013_05_11_448-3 2013_05_11_465-2 2013_05_11_537-2


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