Baby, you’re a firework: Tyler & Lauren’s Gender Reveal

Recently, we traveled to Helena, Alabama to capture the gender reveal of newlyweds Tyler & Lauren. Taking place at the beautiful house of Tyler’s mom & co-organized by Lauren’s mom (aka: the grandmothers-to-be), friends and family gathered to celebrate their love and join in their journey to parenthood. Following the delicious food provided by Jim & Nick’s and the breathtaking Alabama sunset, it was time to partake in the custom fireworks show, culminating in the grand finale: the gender reveal! Ultimately, they both wanted a healthy baby, regardless of the gender, but when I asked Tyler prior to the reveal whether he wanted a boy or a girl, he said “If it’s a girl, I’ll be happy, but if it’s a boy… I don’t know what I will do!” Check out the video below to see what their reaction was!

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