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Sweetness in Savannah – Caitlin’s surprise proposal

As we mentioned on our previous post, a bride having her best friends by her side can make the process of getting married all the sweeter. However, on this girls trip there were two brides… one just didn’t know it yet! To set up the ruse, I asked each of the ladies if I could take their individual portraits, and they agreed (everyone but Caitlin was in on it). As I took a few fun images of Caitlin posing in the gorgeous Franklin Square Park in Savannah, her boyfriend Forrest came up behind her with a ring in hand. She was definitely not expecting him since she lives in Florida & he lives in Boston! As you can see, she said yes and the celebrations continued! Special thanks to Taylor for allowing this sweet moment to happen & Rachel for allowing us to capture it. Check out the photos & video of Caitlin’s surprise proposal below!

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