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Love Knows No Age – Tolleson Wedding

Not all weddings take place in a sprawling garden and not all love stories are between two high school sweethearts. However, when it came to photographing the wedding of Catherine & Robert, all the typical conventions that are associated with weddings were overshadowed by their love.

As residents of PruittHealth Brookhaven Nursing Home in Atlanta, Catherine & Robert have been an item for well over 30 years. The pair met in a bar years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Although the two lived together for several years when Robert had his own home, he had to be admitted to the assisted living facility a few years ago. However, Catherine would not let that keep her from the man she loved as she was adamant to get a room at the facility as well. Although they were living in different wings of the building, they made sure to see each other every day.

A few months ago, while living in PruittHealth Brookhaven, Robert proposed to Catherine and the staff did everything to make sure their day was a picture perfect dream. From obtaining the marriage licenses, to having a violinist play as Catherine came down the aisle, to a cornucopia of sweet treats for the guests, the dining room of PruittHealth Brookhaven turned into a beautiful venue.

One of my favorite parts about the day – besides Robert’s large smile when he saw Catherine & their adorable 1st kiss from their wheelchairs – was when he was asked “What do you look forward to most now that you’re married?” His response “Finally sharing the same room!” Some things never change!

Check out the trailer for their big day here or below!


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