Families, Maternity

The Legacy Continues – Ivan & Ariel’s maternity session

Previously, VNC Photography was fortunate to cover the engagement & wedding of dear friends Ivan & Ariel Jones. Now, 2 1/2 years later, we are excited to capture their maternity session! Ariel is the epitome of a chic mom-to-be as she proudly carries their little prince. Meanwhile, Ivan is exponentially proud and excited to carry on his family name and pamper the little prince. We can hardly wait to meet the newest addition to their family and document all the blessed moments that are sure to come. Congrats Ivan & Ariel!

ivan-ariels-maternity-session-021 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-031 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-038 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-051 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-070 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-072 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-076 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-083 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-108 ivan-ariels-maternity-session-123

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