Ivan & Ariel: The Dynasty Continues

Anytime I am given the opportunity to photograph the engagement & wedding of someone I’ve known for years, I end up smiling from ear to ear! This time, it was a former classmate from Georgia State University (Go Panthers!) Ivan & his lovely fiancée Ariel. After knowing Ivan for a decade, I know that she is every bit his type and you can tell within seconds that these two never stop laughing during their relationship. Check out their engagement pictures below and stay tuned for their upcoming wedding!

2014-08-28_001-2 2014-08-28_002-2 2014-08-28_007-2 2014-08-28_018-2 2014-08-28_020-2 2014-08-28_024-2 2014-08-28_034-3 2014-08-28_038-2 2014-08-28_048-3 2014-08-28_053-2 2014-08-28_055-2 2014-08-28_077-2 2014-08-28_122-3 2014-08-28_133-2 2014-08-28_173-2 2014-08-28_178-2 2014-08-28_185-3 2014-08-28_198-2 2014-08-28_207-2 2014-08-28_238-2 2014-08-28_243-2 2014-08-28_249-2 2014-08-28_258-3 2014-08-28_268-2 2014-08-28_279-2 2014-08-28_300-2 2014-08-28_310-2 2014-08-28_314-2

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