Phifer family photos: Why use JCP when you have VNC?

The circumstances at which I came to photograph the Phifer family photos is not too uncommon. Originally, Kelli had an early afternoon appointment for her family photos at her local JCP. However, after poor scheduling on the photo studio’s part (How are you going to postpone someone’s appointment by FOUR hours?!?), Kelli was a bit distraught. Enter one of my favorite clients, Dana, with a solution: “Call VNC Photography; she’ll take care of you at a moment’s notice”! And well, the rest – as they say – is history. 🙂 Enjoy!

2014_03_30_029-2 2014_03_30_046-2 2014_03_30_090-4 2014_03_30_134-2 2014_03_30_148-3 2014_03_30_225-2 2014_03_30_251-2 2014_03_30_269-2 2014_03_30_291-2

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