Quinae & Derek: The King & Queen of Atlanta

We had SO much fun photographing this engagement session! Our lovely subjects were the “Queen & King of Atlanta” – Quinae & Derek – and we got to photograph the breathtaking Jackson Street Bridge. We originally met Quinae at the wedding of Angela & Reggie and she fell in love without our style. Fast-forward a few years and Quinae & Derek are now engaged to be married! One of the day’s highlights: hearing Derek recount the story of how the moment he saw her, he knew he was going to marry her. Too cute! Congrats you two and we can hardly wait to capture your wedding!

2014_02_22_012-4 2014_02_22_027-3 2014_02_22_052-2 2014_02_22_058-2 2014_02_22_076-4 2014_02_22_091-2 2014_02_22_098-2 2014_02_22_111-2 2014_02_22_117-2 2014_02_22_125-2 2014_02_22_145-2 2014_02_22_158-2 2014_02_22_160-2 2014_02_22_178-2 2014_02_22_231-2 2014_02_22_241-2 2014_02_22_244-2 2014_02_22_307-2 2014_02_22_309-2 2014_02_22_319-2 2014_02_22_345-3 2014_02_22_355-2 2014_02_22_357-2 2014_02_22_365-2 2014_02_22_366-2 2014_02_22_373-2 2014_02_22_390-2

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