Paula & Daniel: Un echo de amor

This is definitely one of our favorite photo sessions from 2011! We had the opportunity to capture the amor of two of our close friends, Paula & Daniel. Although the two have known each other since high school, it took a while for love to blossom; but once it did, there was no going back!

We were brought together by our late friend Lance Tilton several years ago and the couple had a special tribute to him at their wedding as well (pics coming soon). From the love of a friend to the love of a spouse, I know that these two are in it forever…

2011_09_10_018-2 2011_09_10_025-2 2011_09_10_056-2 2011_09_10_083-2 2011_09_10_109-2 2011_09_10_114-3 2011_09_10_137-2 2011_09_10_210-3 2011_09_10_323-3 2011_09_10_362-2 2011_09_10_431-3 2011_09_10_472-2 2011_09_10_513-2 2011_09_10_534-3 2011_09_10_569-2 2011_09_10_584-3 2011_09_10_608-3 2011_09_10_640-2 2011_09_10_644-3 2011_09_10_647-2 2011_09_10_673-2 2011_09_10_682-2

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