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Martin + Rachel = Wedded Bliss

They’re back! You may remember seeing Martin & Rachel’s pre-wedding/dancing session, as well as images from their internationally infused wedding. Well, in lieu of a post-matrimony photo shoot, we decided to grab a couple of pics in their wedding attire (several months later) before heading to Dragon*Con. [Sidenote: If you’ve never been, at least attend the parade! It’s like Halloween at the end of summer!.] It was fun to see that these two are still in love and that their love increases exponentially by the day!

2011_09_03_003-2 2011_09_03_018-2 2011_09_03_022-2 2011_09_03_030-2 2011_09_03_096-2 2011_09_03_118-2 2011_09_03_132-2 2011_09_03_134-2 2011_09_03_149-2 2011_09_03_159-2 2011_09_03_175-2 2011_09_03_223-2

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