Love knows no borders…

Joel and I have had the opportunity of photographing the intercontinental love of Martin and Rachel on several occasions. Both avid swing dancers, they met in college (in the UK) and have been in love ever since. In lieu of an official engagement session, we tagged along as they attended a swing-dancing social in Piedmont Park (I’ll admit, we danced too) and Joel even grabbed some pics of them at the church the day before their wedding. I was blown away by the beauty and simplicity of the images he captured (the henna hand tattoos by Crimson Art added a unique touch of creativity)! Enjoy!

2011_04_02_14013-2 2011_04_02_14022-2 2011_04_02_14205-2 2011_04_02_14232-2 2011_04_02_14264-2 2011_05_06_15864-3 2011_05_06_15875-2 2011_05_06_15893-2 2011_05_06_15909-2 2011_05_06_15912-2 2011_05_06_15934-3 2011_05_06_15936-3 2011_05_06_15956-3 2011_05_06_16018-3 2011_05_06_16022-2

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