Michael & Shon’s “Mad Day Out”

It took 2 Sundays, 9 hours and 13 locations, but the final result of this marathon engagement photo session shows the love Michael & Shon have for their hometown of Atlanta & each other. Just goes to show we are willing to take on almost any photographic challenge! Special thanks to my 2nd photographer Joel for his photographic eye & talent! Your shots are gorgeous!

2011_03_27_13159-2 2011_03_27_13259-2-2 2011_03_27_13317-2 2011_03_27_13357-2 2011_03_27_13367-2 2011_03_27_13431-2 2011_03_27_13444-2-4 2011_03_27_13466-2-2 2011_03_27_13489-2-2 2011_03_27_13495-2 2011_03_27_13565-2 2011_03_27_13915-2 2011_03_27_13951-2-3 2011_04_03_14578-2-2 2011_04_03_14723-3-2 2011_04_03_14796-2

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