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PattyCakes Holiday Cake Competition 2011

This year, The “Holiday Cake Affair” Cake and Dessert Competition took place at the Hilton Hotel on Courtland Street in downtown Atlanta. As in previous years, extraordinary cakes and desserts from pastry chefs and cake artisans were on display.

There was live music from saxophonist Adrian Minor, holiday tunes by Espeuté Productions and photography by me & my 2nd photographer Joel Meeks!

At the end of the competition, as in years past, all the guests are able to sample the cakes (yummy!) and the remaining food is donated to local shelters and charities. The chosen charity for 2011 was The Blessing in the Sky!

Between the music, food and charitable contributions, it was another successful year. Check out some pics from the competition below and have a happy holiday season!

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