Ashton’s 3rd birthday at Catch Air

Capturing kids as they grow up are some of the most fun and creative photo shoots. Their energy, zest for life and can do attitude always inspire me to act my shoe size! These photos capture the 3rd birthday of little Ashton. The party took place at Catch Air in John’s Creek , had a Thomas the Tank Engine theme and a special appearance from Buzz Lightyear… which thrilled the kids! Check it out!

2010_11_13_8081-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8103-3 (resized) 2010_11_13_8145-3 (resized) 2010_11_13_8178-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8187-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8196-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8211-2-3 (resized) 2010_11_13_8271-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8296-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8298-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8355-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8416-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8478-2-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8522-2-2 (resized) 2010_11_13_8527-2 (resized)



















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