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Me & You – The elopement of Charm & James Mapp

Weddings come in all sizes, from a 1000+ guest extravaganza to a small gathering of only a few people. For the elopement of Charm & James, it was a beautiful, intimate ceremony that focused on the love they have for each other (and was only attended by myself, the officiant & the photographer). Taking place at the tranquil Amerson River Park in Macon, GA, their early morning elopement had all the trappings of a larger wedding (gorgeous bride in a white dress, nervous groom, beautiful flowers) with a unique closeness and affection that can only be found on a smaller scale. Topped off with the sweet & personal vows the prepared for one another, it was the perfect wedding to start a lifetime of love together. Check out their elopement ceremony & highlight film below!

Location: Amerson River Park (Macon, GA)
Officiant: James Hamp
Photographer: Connor Vinson

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