A prince finds his princess – Barsha & Prince Yadav’s wedding

One of the great things about weddings is how every culture brings their own traditions and aesthetics to the celebrations. For Prince & Barsha’s wedding, community, cuisine and rich colors were abound. Taking place at Barsha’s family home in Snellville, everyone in attendance was full of smiles throughout the multi-day celebration. Starting on Friday evening, the sweet couple took part in a party filled with dancing and traditional henna application. On Saturday, after an intimate session at Ronald Reagan Park, the Vivaha continued with the Kanyadana, the Panigrahana, and the Saptapadi taking place. Following the conclusion of the Saptapadi, Barsha, Prince & their wedding party made a quick detour to the Shiv Mandir of Atlanta temple for a puja (prayer). In all, it was a beautiful observance of love, family, tradition and fellowship. Plus, with all the beautiful textiles, delicious food and festive music, it was a celebration for the senses as well!

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