Introducing Dr. Bayonne!: Latessa’s graduation session

One thing about this thing called life is that we are constantly learning and growing, and Dr. Bayonne is a perfect example of that. We previously featured Latessa & her loving husband Joe when we captured their New Year’s Eve wedding several years ago and they’ve continued to be an example of an inspiring couple. A couple of years ago, Latessa made the decision to go back to school and obtain her PhD in Family & Marriage Counseling from Mercer University. It wasn’t an easy thing to do in the middle of a pandemic with a major that requires 90% of your time, but she thrived! Even though her class started off with over a dozen people, only 2 made it to the end and one of those is the newly-appointed Dr. Latessa Bayonne! Check out her graduation session below and if you need an immensely qualified and understanding counselor with fabulous bedside manner, give her a ring!

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