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From Mableton to the Motherland – Ijeoma & Obiora’s Ime Ego (wedding)

Regardless of a couple’s nationality, weddings are always a festive joining of two families celebrating a couple & surrounded by love. When we captured the video for Ijeoma & Obiora’s ime ego (Nigerian/Igbo wedding), we were honored to document their love, as well as take a domestic trip back to the motherland. Taking place at the Mableton familial home of the bride, all of the traditional moments were on display. Although the marriage inquiry (known as ‘Iku aka’ or ‘Iju ese’) and the seeking of consent from the bride-to-be’s extended family (known traditionally as ‘Umunna’) were done previously, we were in attendance to capture the bride price negotiation & payment (known as ‘Ime ego’; think of it as a dowry) and wine-carrying ceremony by the bride (known as ‘Igba Nkwu Nwanyi’ and ‘Idu Uno’). All these moments must be completed and the bride’s people must be satisfied before the groom can take his new wife home. There was also a sweet, moving speech my the bride’s father along with plenty of dancing, singing and delicious food! It just goes to show how there are so many similarities in weddings around the world.

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