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Life is sweet – Livv’s Candytopia session

There’s a saying that ‘art is subjective’, but at the traveling exhibit Candytopia, art is impressively delicious. Filled to the brim with plenty of sugar sculptures and colorful areas to pose, Candytopia also has interactive elements such as giant swings, colorful confetti, a massive foam marshmallow pit and candy samples to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. When the exhibit had it’s Atlanta stop in 2019, it sold out within hours. So when we learned it was visiting Atlanta again in 2021, we knew we had to visit the brightly-colored photographer’s dream. Thankfully, Livv & her boyfriend had the same idea and reacted out to us to capture them living their wildest childhood dreams. Tucked away next to the “Disco Kroger” in Buckhead, Candytopia gives you the feeling of Willy Wonka’s factory from the moment you step in… minus the nightmare-inducing boat ride. Over the course of an hour, we marveled at the beautiful (and edible) works of art while also partaking in the abundant buckets of samples. Add to that this couple’s willingness to interact with these sculptures and it gave new meaning to the phrase “life is sweet”. The only thing sweeter than the saccharine hall of mirrors is the love these two have for one another. Check out their sweet date below!

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