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Shaping the future – Lovette’s Savannah graduation session

With summer on the horizon, graduates across the country are beginning a new phase of their life. Although the pandemic may have made the last year of school a bit more of a challenge for some students, there are others that succeeded & thrived, and Lovette is one of those elite few. Taking place in picturesque Savannah, the trip (and her photo session) was a complete surprise for Lovette! Her loving girl squad – which happened to be her sister & cousin – decided to treat her to a weekend getaway to celebrate her graduation from UNC Wilmington with a Master’s degree in Leadership, Policy, and Advocacy in Early Childhood. As she strutted around around town with a smile as wide as the Savannah River & as soft as Spanish moss coming through the trees, she was the epitome of black excellence and is 100% ready to help shape the future. Check out her graduation session below!

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