Photo Tip Tuesday

Photo Tip Tuesday – Turn Boring Objects Beautiful

To start off the year, many people take on “photo a day” challenges to keep their trigger finger strong and view the world around them in a different light. However, a lot of people get bored by week 3 and struggle to find inspiration in everyday things. So today, here are 10 tips to find the beauty in the boring.

Try different perspective
Instead of shooting the object the same way as everybody else, find a new perspective. Go under, above, even inside if you can.

Make it festive
Using LED lights or glitter can make your photo festive. You can also use balloons and confetti to make your object stunning.

Using lights behind your object to create bokeh is one of the simplest ways to add dimension to your images.

Mother nature
Almost every object looks nicer when you put it among nature’s confetti! Try using flowers, trees, leaves or grass. It will give your object a fresh, lively look.

Get closer
Get closer to the object to find a pattern or nice detail (macro lenses are great for this).

Hold it
Place the object in your hand to add a personal touch… literally.

Make it unusual
Put your object in a completely different (i.e. weird) place. For example, try putting a beautifully shiny rock on a dinner plate.

Mirror image
Use a mirror and experiment with reflection. You can even use additional mirrors to create an infinity effect.

Use colored construction paper to create a modern, minimalist look.

Put it in a glass of water
Water can create an amazing effect. Also try shining light through the glass or placing colored cellophane on the exterior of the glass to replicate a stained glass effect. Another option, used a textured glass to refract the light like a prism.

Ultimately, you’re only limited by your creativity and imagination. And who knows, you may be able to sell your images to a stock photo site!

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