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Funky Forest Hills – Jamiroquai Returns to New York City

On Saturday, September 8th, Joel & I finally experienced something we have waited 26 years for: we saw Grammy-award winning acid jazz band Jamiroquai perform live! Honestly, I could barely compose myself the all night (and as I edited & wrote this)! Taking place at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, the entire evening was filled to the brim with funky music, high-energy dance moves & like-minded individuals spreading the love. Thanks to Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie, we were blessed to obtain photo pit passes & after party access! By the end of the night I was on “Cloud 9“; the “Canned Heat” that was in my heels definitely put me in a “Virtual Insanity“. Although we won’t post the after party photos (I may have had a dance-off with band member Matt Johnson & background singer Elle Cato), there is still plenty of footage to enjoy! After going through thousands of images, we were finally able to narrow it down to several hundred images! Check out our compilation photos & video of the 2 hour funk fest below!

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