The Bert Show’s Christmas Miracle

Recently, VNC Photography was asked to capture a special collaboration between AAA of Georgia and Bert’s Big Adventure (a non-profit organization dedicated to providing memorable & heartwarming experiences to seriously ill and/or physically challenged children and their families who live in The Bert Show listening area). Capturing these amazingly strong families – that have suffered through some of the worst consequences kids & parents can face – was not only inspiring, but life-changing. Thanks to The Bert Show’s Christmas Miracle, these families will now be able to give their children the Christmas they deserve without the financial burden of purchasing gifts. There was even a special appearance by Santa & his elf!

Special thanks to everyone involved, including (but not limited to): Suntrust Park (for hosting & catering the event), AAA of Georgia (for providing all the gifts), the team at Bert’s Big Adventure for your love & compassion, Bert Weiss for starting this phenomenal organization and – of course – Santa Claus for helping get the gifts from the North Pole!

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