Modeling in Midtown

While on my afternoon walk through Atlanta, I decided to pullout my camera for inspiration. As I was photographing a construction site for my upcoming Street Photography project, a young lady approached me and asked “What are you photographing?” to which I replied “Anything. Everything.” She then said “I was just wishing I had a photographer to take my picture.” and our street photography session was born.

2 minutes & a quick run into traffic later, we grabbed some great candid modeling shots! I look forward to having Déja step in front of my lens again soon! One of the most memorable pieces of advice I learned from the Society of Professional Journalists is to ‘stand at an intersection for 20 minutes and you will find your subject… or your subject will find you’. That still rings true today. You never know where your camera will take you! *NOTE: All of these images are SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera)*

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