Merry Christmas baby Andrey!

We were so fortunate to photograph so many babies in 2014! And we feel especially fortunate when it’s the baby of dear friends. Right before Thanksgiving, we had the opportunity to photograph our friends Daniel & Paula’s incredibly sweet son Andrey!

We’ve seen his parents relationship go from dating to engagement to marriage, so seeing their love create a little person that they adore makes you forget about all of the negative aspects of the world, even if just for a moment.

2014_11_26_002-2 2014_11_26_007-2 2014_11_26_028-2 2014_11_26_044-2 2014_11_26_050-2 2014_11_26_065-2 2014_11_26_085-2 2014_11_26_115-2 2014_11_26_134-2 2014_11_26_142-2 2014_11_26_164-2 2014_11_26_178-2 2014_11_26_182-2 2014_11_26_190-2 2014_11_26_220-2 2014_11_26_235-2 2014_11_26_242-2 2014_11_26_249-2 2014_11_26_252-2 2014_11_26_277-2 2014_11_26_303-2 2014_11_26_320-2

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