High fashion shoot with Atlanta royalty

We absolutely adore this couple and have a great time every time they step in front of the lens! Derek & Quinae (affectionately known as the King & Queen of Atlanta) continuously put God first in their relationship and have become an inspiration for their family and friends.

Check out their high fashion post-wedding photo session that we shot at Emory University’s gorgeous campus. Definitely in our top 5 locations to shoot in Atlanta!

2014_10_04_005-2 2014_10_04_009-2 2014_10_04_015-2 2014_10_04_023-2 2014_10_04_032-2 2014_10_04_083-2 2014_10_04_087-2 2014_10_04_138-3 2014_10_04_222-2 2014_10_04_240-2 2014_10_04_242-2 2014_10_04_298-2 2014_10_04_315-3 2014_10_04_331-2 2014_10_04_352-2 2014_10_04_354-2 2014_10_04_379-2 2014_10_04_425-2 2014_10_04_440-2 2014_10_04_471-3 2014_10_04_540-2

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