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Newsworthy & Noteworthy: Part 2

Earlier this year, I featured fellow CNN coworker and fashion expert Joe Sutton in his extensive Newsworthy & Noteworthy photo spread. Well, he’s back and having another fashionable day in front of the lens and keep an eye out for him on the runway!


2014_08_19_002-42014_08_19_043-22014_08_19_052-2 2014_08_19_068-2 2014_08_19_080-2 2014_08_19_105-4 2014_08_19_150-3 2014_08_19_162-2 2014_08_19_187-2 2014_08_19_207-2 2014_08_19_219-2 2014_08_19_220-2 2014_08_19_227-2 2014_08_19_236-2 2014_08_19_239-2

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