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Andrea’s birthday on the beach!

During VNC Photography’s four days in Jamaica, we didn’t just capture a wedding, we also captured the birthday of makeup artist extraordinaire Andrea Goss! Up at the crack of dawn, Ms. Goss and I had a fun time enjoying the scenery before breakfast. Her bright colors and bright attitude added to the island flair. Check out her photos and if you need a makeup artist, she is THE BEST around!

2014_06_29_009-2 2014_06_29_025-2 2014_06_29_038-2 2014_06_29_042-2 2014_06_29_044-2 2014_06_29_048-2 2014_06_29_055-2 2014_06_29_073-2 2014_06_29_078-2 2014_06_29_090-2 2014_06_29_106-2 2014_06_29_121-2 2014_06_29_135-2 2014_06_29_136-2 2014_06_29_142-2 2014_06_29_150-2 2014_06_29_159-2

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