Families, Modeling, Promotional

Mrs. Vance Strikes A Pose!

Being that I have a very close relationship with my parents, I love it when children surprise their parents with things they love! This time, the lucky recipient was Mrs. Vance, the mother of Lavar Vance & his lovely model wife LaLondra. We spent an evening letting her inner Naomi Campbell shine as she struck a pose at Centennial Olympic Park and at the Glenn Hotel. Her smile was so bright by the end of the night, it made the cold temperatures warm up!

2013_12_29_003-2 (resized) 2013_12_29_017-2 (resized) 2013_12_29_022-2 (resized) 2013_12_29_044-2 (resized) 2013_12_29_047-2 (resized) 2013_12_29_051-2 (resized) 2013_12_29_075-2 (resized) 2013_12_29_089-2 (resized)

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