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The Peterson’s New Arrival!

Joel & I have had the pleasure of documenting many of Julie & Maurice’s intimate family moments: engagement, marriage and now the birth of a new baby! As Julie, Maurice and little Destinee prepared for little Maurice Jr. to make his appearance, we went to the park BEFORE the 100+ degree temps to grab some fun family pics. Joel & I are looking forward to their little bundle of joy making his debut on film!

2012_06_03_003-2 2012_06_03_034-2 2012_06_03_043-2 2012_06_03_055-2 2012_06_03_085-2 2012_06_03_106-2 2012_06_03_111-2 2012_06_03_185-2 2012_06_03_195-2 2012_06_03_202-2 2012_06_03_248-2 2012_06_03_257-2 2012_06_03_258-2 2012_06_03_268-2 2012_06_03_281-2 2012_06_03_313-2 2012_06_03_334-2 2012_06_03_393-3 2012_06_03_437-2 2012_06_03_491-2 2012_06_03_580-2 2012_06_03_620-2 2012_06_03_623-2 2012_06_03_651-2

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