Iris & Devin: Gotta be true love

Although it was February, God gave us perfect weather for the engagement session of Iris & Devin! The lovely couple, who happened to meet by chance, are a match made in heaven. In what seemed to be a “meet-cute” from a movie, Iris and Devin first caught each other’s eyes in an elevator and have been together ever since! We can’t wait to capture their love on the big day and I know they will be blessed with a lifetime of romance and memories.

2012_02_05_001 2012_02_05_002 2012_02_05_003 2012_02_05_004 2012_02_05_005 2012_02_05_007 2012_02_05_008 2012_02_05_009 2012_02_05_021 2012_02_05_025 2012_02_05_028 2012_02_05_035

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