Carey & Chris – Beautifully blended

This is definitely one of my favorite photo sessions of all time!!!! We got to capture the engagement of our close friends Carey & Chris before they headed to St. Lucia for their wedding!! 🙂 These two were definitely made for one another and EVERY picture shows that! Plus the fact that they both look like models and it’s almost unfair, but seeing love in full bloom like this can make anyone smile!

2011_10_29_233-2 2011_10_29_240-2 2011_10_29_257-2 2011_10_29_266-2 2011_10_29_278-2 2011_10_29_301-3 2011_10_29_304-4

Always the doting fiancée, Chris made sure to gently help Carey remove an eyelash from her eye. Awww…

2011_10_29_333-2 2011_10_29_337-2 2011_10_29_388-2 2011_10_29_407-4 2011_10_29_468-2 2011_10_29_490-2 2011_10_29_505-4 2011_10_29_536-2 2011_10_29_566-2 2011_10_29_642-2 2011_10_29_644-2 2011_10_29_658-2 2011_10_29_662-2 2011_10_29_670-2

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