Alex & Justin’s Sexy Chic Engagement Shoot

We had the pleasure of photographing the sexy & chic engagement of Alex (aka Rudy Huxtable) and Justin (aka Jett Jackson)! Not only was their love for each other evident, but Alex’s is marrying her “TV husband”! Congrats you two!
2011_07_23_011-2 2011_07_23_018-2 2011_07_23_052-3 2011_07_23_056-3 2011_07_23_072-2 2011_07_23_073-2 2011_07_23_109-3 2011_07_23_149-3 2011_07_23_219-3

2 thoughts on “Alex & Justin’s Sexy Chic Engagement Shoot”

  1. Awesome Photography VNC, just amazing to see your passion coming through with every shot.
    Wish you were in Kenya..one day,one day VNC. My prayers for you.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment Jayne! That is very sweet of you!

      And remember, VNC Photography is available for international photo sessions as well (we love traveling!). Feel free to send me an email for more information!

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