Julie & Maurice’s Summer Love

We have had the pleasure of photographing Julie & Maurice on several milestones in their life (engagement, wedding, maternity) and this was our 1st encounter with the terrific twosome. Although it was about 95 degrees with a ridiculous humidity, they didn’t sweat it (see what I did there?)! But was hard to tell what was hotter: Julie & Maurice’s love or the weather? Luckily, we captured both!

2011_07_10_0048-3 2011_07_10_0142-2 2011_07_10_0211-2 2011_07_10_0269-3 2011_07_10_0445-2 2011_07_10_0583-3 2011_07_10_0604-2 2011_07_10_0623-2 2011_07_10_0692-2 2011_07_10_0711-2 2011_07_10_0970-2 2011_07_10_0993-2 2011_07_10_1014-3 2011_07_10_1093-2

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