Modeling, Promotional

Meck Crew

The Meck Crew Foundation is a non-for profit organization that aims to provide a unique and purposeful partnership, that would help bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. It focuses on higher education as a tool to gain multiple perspectives to help the individual to better serve their community and improve on their quality of life. If you live in the Metro Atlanta Area and you are looking for a way to engage your community by giving back either through the giving of your time, or sharing of your talents or through your donations, you should check them out. Here’s the photo session I had with their very stylish board members.

2010_09_05_6752 (2) (resized) 2010_09_05_6759 (1) (resized) 2010_09_05_6767 (2) (resized) 2010_09_05_6817 (resized) 2010_09_05_6849 (resized) 2010_09_05_6863 (2) (resized) 2010_09_05_6875 (resized) 2010_09_05_6879 (2) (resized) 2010_09_05_6889 (2) (resized)

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